You don’t wake up one day with bowel cancer…

If you’re in my practice or read my stuff you know this is a BIG phrase in my clinic. Why? Because it’s TRUTH!

The biggest factor in bowel cancer is diet, lifestyle and miasms (genetic predispositions). Families come to me because they don’t want to be medical statistics! They don’t want to repeat the same medical family history as their parents and grandparents.

The great thing — the don’t have to! We can choose EVERY SINGLE DAY to live to eat or eat to live? The major risk factors for early-stage development of bowel cancer are inflammation which are mostly caused by meat, dairy, glyphosate laden grains, chronic stress and poor elimination.

I teach my patients how to completely adjust their biochemistry and what steps are NECESSARY to tip the balance. The medical discoveries within epigenetics tell us that WE DO NOT have to become our genetic predisposition.

What we put on our plates, body care products on our bodies, our sleep, our stress management and our exercise or lack of MATTERS!

So where does one start?

1. First thing is to look around you and see how people you love are suffering. This is the hard part as you can’t change it for them but you CAN change it for yourself. Find your motivation!

2. Level up — the game changer is knowledge, when you know what to do and what to eliminate you can move forward powerfully! Educate yourself and step into care with someone you admire, who has done the work, who lives the lifestyle you are aspiring to! If you have weight to lose employ a trainer and get busy, if you need to rid yourself of inflammation and pathology employ a practitioner who does this every day and maybe even someone who has done it themselves.

3. Be consistent! Small gradual changes over a long period of time becomes a new lifestyle and a new life you LOVE to live in. It takes support, mindset and knowing WHY these changes are necessary to continue the momentum!

Get started! Above all this is my biggest message I want you to get from this post.

I speak to patients EVERY SINGLE DAY who say the same thing, I wish I had started with you earlier and taken responsibility for my health and happiness sooner.

Don’t become a medical statistic and live your best life!

Remember, you only get one body to live in and if it feels horrible and you don’t take care of it then it’s your challenge to fix it — and you can!

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