You don’t have to be sick to get better…

We don’t have to become our parents, we don’t have to just accept the pathology, diagnosis, and hereditary illnesses of our ancestors.

The is no better day to get healthy than today!

In 1997 there were 3 billion pills (pharmaceutical drugs including Xanax, Zantac, Zoloft, and Adderall) in circulation by pharmaceutical companies in North America. 10 years later there were 113 billion pills in circulation. The numbers are now EXPONENTIAL!

Why the HUGE increase! Because there were 435 statesmen and 100 senators in Washington all with 4 allocated pharmaceutical lobbyist groups assigned to them!

THIS IS TRUTH! Pharmaceutical companies have one objective! For you to be their customer…for life. They are invested, GREATLY in your illness.

Wellness however is an investment YOU can make. You don’t have to wait for a diagnosis to make a greater commitment to what you place in your mouth, how often you move your body, and getting into preventative medicine.

Integrated medicine and Homoeopathic Medicine in my practice helps my patients achieve wellness by eliminating the cause and factors that are slowly causing inflammatory and chronic diseases.

You see you don’t wake up often with a diagnosis but the trajectory may already be set in your life and body through your lifestyle habits, your miasmatic implications, and your active genomes from your ancestors.

The good news is that you CAN prevent these from becoming anything serious and deteriorating. More and more I work with families to prevent disease instead of just treatment of disease when there is a running clock in the background.

You don’t have to wait for symptoms, you don’t have to be sick to get better. You can learn, receive guidance, and start a new direction with preventative medicines and lifestyle habits that could literally add an extra 10–15 years to your life.

Don’t wait! The work you do NOW is the health you will have LATER!

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