Why your body needs RAW food every day!

Yes, it does…every single day your body needs raw, nutrient dense and organic RAW food as fuel.

* NUTRIENTS — our bodies need raw food for critical digestive enzymes that cannot be obtained from grains and animal products.
* FIBRE — roughage from raw food enables you to have healthy intestinal transit time and complete and regular bowel habits (you should be pooping 3 times a day! If you are not, you are not eating enough raw foods.)
* LIVING NUTRITION — heating/cooking foods destroy the nutrients and enzymes that boost digestion and fight chronic disease. 
* INCREASED ENERGY — the living mitochondrial activation from living nutrients give you ENERGY! Dead food — cooked foods, animal products and grains bring carbohydrates, proteins and lipids as fuel that then has to be converted into energy by the body. This takes energy. When living foods are consumed living energy and nutrients are easily absorbed so they greatly increase your energy levels, brain function and mental clarity.

Get started on adding raw and living food into your diet by adding

* raw fruits and raw vegetables
* dried fruits and vegetables
* freshly made fruit and vegetable juices
* soaked and sprouted beans, other legumes, and grains
* raw nuts and seeds
* raw nut butters, such as peanut butter and almond butter
* nut milks, including almond milk
* coconut milk
* cold-pressed olive oil or coconut oil
* nutritional yeast
* seaweeds
* dried fruits
* green food powder, such as dried wheatgrass or algae. I also advise my patients to take spirulina and chlorella
* fermented foods, including kimchi and sauerkraut
* purified water, but not tap water (NO fluoride or chlorine)
* other organic, natural, or unprocessed foods

For therapeutic plant based diets that treat chronic disease and systemic inflammation I advise my patients to adopt a 40% raw food plant based diet. For those who wish to prevent disease and work on wellness and better health even a 20% raw plant based diet will bring about remarkable results!

Like everything, a high raw food diet is not ideal for everyone but for those with severe pathology and diagnosis, those on pharmaceutical medications and those who are overweight and have high blood pressure and cholesterol it is a wonderful and easy way to start using food as medicine and eating your way to a healthier and happier you!

Remember — a HEALTHY outside starts with the inside!

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