Why we can’t sleep!

Waking refreshed is something I have taken for granted.

Why do we have a billion-dollar sleep industry — machines, pillows, mattresses, white noise, sleeping pills, the list goes on and yet we are still not sleeping!

Almost every patient in my clinic before taking their Homoeopathic constitutional remedy would wake unrefreshed and feeling exhausted every day. It’s something I speak about a lot if you have low energy and poor sleep, here is my advice.

The reason for most of our sleep issues is we are not living a lifestyle that is conducive to our circadian biology.

We are not connected to the light and dark cycles of day and night. Instead, we are connected to social calendars, work pressures, and high-stress activities that have us avoiding or ignoring our basic circadian rhythms.

We sleep in for hours once the sun is up and we stay wide awake after the sun goes down. Connected, perhaps even addicted to potentially harmful blue light and auditory stimulation through technology we are ignoring our sleep cues entirely!

Reclaiming your circadian biology includes LISTENING and tuning in to your fatigue. I encourage my patients to adopt a healthy and most importantly consistent night time and morning routine that includes:

* MORNING — waking at the same time, 45 minutes of exercise, carbohydrates, and protein for breakfast, adequate — moderate but not excessive caffeine, shower, cleaning/tidying, and then starting productive activities.

* EVENING — start self-care at the same time every evening — skincare routine, Epsom salt baths, infrared sauna, etc, 20 minutes reading before bed, protein and moderate carbohydrates for dinner, turn off screens 1 hour before you hope to be asleep.

The cycles of the night and day — the regular exposure to light in the day and dark at night has found to be very helpful for stress management and depression. Similarly, insomniacs are now investing in fancy biodynamic lighting and sound machines in their home as they understand the link and importance of these natural cycles.

Grounding/earthing — 40 minutes a day of being connected to the earth barefoot also shows significant benefits for those who struggle with energy levels in the day and quality sleep at night.

Sleep is not to be overlooked and really a lot of the research reminds us to use common sense!

* Keep to a healthy and consistent body clock — go to bed and wake at the same time, even on weekends

* Reduce stimulants after 3pm

* Don’t eat too heavy a dinner

* Exercise and caffeine are best in the morning

* Regulate your thermal temperature — don’t get too cold or too overheated

* Don’t drink too much water or diuretics after 4pm

* Don’t rely on sleep aids or sedatives as they reinforce dependency

* Reduce screens and blue light

The Homoeopathic remedies coffee crud, nux vomica, and Arsenicum Album also bring great relief and assistance to the body. Prioritizing healthy sleep and natural circadian rhythms produce better quality and more therapeutic rest.

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