Why water fast?

When a deer or kangaroo gets hit by a car they go into the bush/woods and they rest. They don’t travel to the nearest home or hospital to seek help, they don’t eat a big meal, they don’t often even tend to their young, they rest…

This principle of REST is one of the primary elements of water fasting. Water fasting is one of the most historic and what can seem like extreme forms of healing and illness prevention around. It SHOULD NOT be undertaken without supervision!

Water fasting enables the body to HEAL by redistribution of resources — energy and metabolic efficiency into diseased and traumatized cells in the body.

The absence of food and only hydration (fluoride and chlorine-free of course!) enables the body to enter into autophagy, a severe and cathartic detoxification process where-by damaged, injured and diseased cells are broken down and eliminated.

It’s intense, it’s HARD but it is wonderful! I have been water fasting for over 10 years and the rubber really hit the road for me last year as I was healing from my TBI after being attacked in San Francisco. The neurologists couldn’t give me clarity about the swelling in my brain nor a prognosis on my concussion or what life would be like for me.

After months of trying monomeals (one fruit only detoxification method) and many other methods I knuckled down and water fasted. Last year I completed 3 extended fasts (15+ days) with miraculous results. The first had my seizures stop, the next had me out of a wheelchair and the third had me return back to work in my practice.

Of course, this was not the only treatment that achieved these results — Homoeopathic Medicines — specifically neurological protocols in mega potencies, infrared sauna, elimination of all stress, yoga, grounding (earthing), and an amazing chiropractor!

Water fasting is ideal for those facing a serious prognosis or critical timeline, those who are needing to lose weight fast for health reasons and those who have experienced a significant trauma/injury or surgery.

Once again it SHOULD NOT be undertaken without supervision and it’s not for those who are looking for weight loss or quick changes. It’s TOUGH and it’s a long and intense road.

Autophagy comes with headaches, nausea, emotional breakdowns, cramps, insomnia…I’m doing a great job of selling it aren’t I! LOL

It’s a powerful method of detoxification and healing and a wonderful and safe tool for those who need permanent and significant results.

It’s funny you know, people think of water fasting as extreme, I think of chemotherapy, injecting poisons into ourselves and suppressive pharmaceutical medicines with side effects as extreme. It’s all about perspective and what we feel most aligned with.

The great thing — our body CAN heal from incredible things when given the chance! Just like deers and kangaroos — with the correct environment the body’s wisdom kicks in and regenerates.

Every one of us gets to choose our own path and this is the one that has worked and continues to work for me and the patients in my practice. If you would like to learn more please book a free discovery call with me — https://schedulewithnicolecunningham.as.me/discoverycall

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