Why Supplement?

Many patients come into my clinic having been on hundreds of dollars of supplementation every month with very little results. I DO believe in supplements but without the activation of the vital force with a constitutional medicine and removing the prohibitive miasms that affect the absorption of nutrients it can be a costly exercise.

When it comes to supplementation this is what I believe is important:

1. ORGANIC! All my supplements are organic and sustainably sourced and produced. Much cheaper and common everyday shelf and pharmacy supplements are synthetic and made from non-organic minerals and vitamins making them very ineffective. This in effect brings no to minimal change making your urine VERY expensive!

2. The ratio is everything! When supplementing it is essential to get information and advice from qualified professionals. Often this is NOT the customer service rep in the store and it definitely is not amazon! Do your research, listen to people who are well trained and experienced as minerals and vitamins are cohesive. This means that they work together and have symbiotic relationships in the biochemistry. For example calcium, magnesium and potassium work together for many functions in the body and the ratios of these nutrients to each other DO matter.

3. Prioritize activating your mitochondria! The mitochondria is the element in every cell that creates energy and activates detoxification. Many nutrients including antioxidants are useful for anti-aging and preventing disease because of their role in mitochondria activation and function. A well-qualified practitioner can get you started on what is essential and most beneficial. This ensures you only take what your body can utilize and metabolize making them beneficial and not harmful or unnecessarily expensive.

Supplements are a big part of my daily wellness regime along with my homeopathic medicines, hydration, infrared sauna, exercise and an organic high plant-based diet.

Supplements are NOT a replacement for adequate food consumption and are not created equal. If you are considering supplementation I encourage you to watch my detoxication webinar before making any decisions or purchases.

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