Why people choose alternatives?

Gone are the days when people trusted the news and their doctor completely. Why? — because we are waking up! We are waking up to the agendas that are behind the infrastructure of health care, education and politics…ok, we knew politics was shady, but many of us didn’t realize the depth of the corruption at play!

So where does this leave us? Many of my patients, like me, are stepping into ‘prepper mindsets’ in small and big ways to get ahead of the control and the powers of corruption that influence our daily lives.

The alternatives I believe we should be thinking about include — homeschooling, water supply, medical care we can trust, food storage, power and food supply. I am having many conversations about this every day.

Now is the time to LEARN, WAKE UP and take control of the pieces of our lives we can control and get ahead with our choices.

There are fabulous resources for this kind of mindset including Mike Adams — ‘health ranger’ — https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-health-ranger-report/id1063165791 , Phillip Day — http://credence.org/new2/, Don and Tyler Tolman https://dontolman.com and Pete Evans https://peteevans.com. Listening, looking left and right and seeing the conversation and the undertones of this pandemic are essential in getting ahead of it and other events in the future.

I’m not into the conspiracy theories of it all but I am into alternatives. Alternative healthcare, wellness care, education, financial and physical security and of course the basic essentials — water, food and power.

Many of us have been speaking, planning and implementing for these circumstances for many years already.

Most importantly, we have a great opportunity now to learn from each other and listen to thought and industry leaders about where we can be making our choices and preparing ourselves NOW.

Don’t be an ostrich, don’t put up with the pharmaceutical and political agendas of healthcare! Get ahead of your family’s health and look outside the box!

Your family’s health and immune system are 100% within your control! Don’t live in fear of this virus or the next pandemic or apocalypse! EMPOWER yourself with choices and decisions that will enable your family to THRIVE!

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