Why Impatient People Never Feel Well

Unfortunately my current health status is the sum of all of the nourishment and damage that I have done in my life up until this point. Yours is too!

Every Whopper meal from Burger King, genetically modified corn chip, Homeopathic Medicine, organic mouthful of food and parasite cleanse has had it’s impact either positive or negative.

I found myself faced with this harsh reality last year. I found myself having to face the realities of my past heath choices and I needed to heal myself. I was impatient, I was frustrated!

Photo by niklas_hamann on Unsplash

On the 17th January I was assaulted in San Francisco. On my way back to the airport to return to my family in Denver I was ‘jumped’ from behind while helping a man in a wheelchair get free from the light rail tracks.

A hustle in it’s own right, I was unaware and a woman from across the street rescued me. She dragged me into her shop and helped me get to the airport and onto my plane.

I was rattled, seriously rattled, but I pushed it down, moved on with my responsibilities — homeschooling my girls, 40 patients a week and running our household. Two weeks later the world came crashing down…

Two weeks after returning home I started to have seizures. My left side would completely seize up. I couldn’t walk or talk, and I would struggle to swallow. My concentration was poor, I couldn’t think clearly, my memory would lapse and I would go into episodes of seizures and paralysis for weeks at a time.

My children watched me for 6 months seize on the bed, unable to shower or go to the bathroom by myself. I would drool, cry uncontrollably, unable to speak and not be able to get out of bed. Some days, my seizures would last up to 14 hours.

I would have to be transported to neurological appointments in a wheelchair and would have screaming manic episodes in the car as I was terrified of the movement and my nervous system would spin out of control. Months and months of trying to find answers, trying to understand what was going on while my health was deteriorating before my family’s eyes every day.

Was it MS, had I had a stroke? The final diagnosis was a severe Traumatic Brain Injury and concussion with a suspected brain bleed as well as Lyme Disease.

Wait. Lyme Disease?! Are you kidding me! Apparently the trauma brought out the symptoms of that underlying condition too.

I attended 3 of my daughters choir concerts and have no memory of them at all! There are photos of me there with my face dropped, hunched over drooling in a wheelchair but I have no recollection of it. Truth be told, there are actually many months of memories I simply do not have.

It’s not that I have tried to forget this time of my life either. I am desperate to remember these things. Just like I am desperate to drive again, to experience that freedom that every adult takes for granted. The experts tell me I will not drive again due to the severity of the eye sight loss from the head injury, however I am hopeful.

I have already proven many of the experts wrong in my recovery so far. There are other things I was told I would not achieve but have so I am hopeful my eyesight will be the same.

The hardest part about the recovery was I didn’t know what I was dealing with and I was so impatient, desperate to be my old self again. This is very common with many head injuries and concussions and the research and information about prognosis is still being developed.

What was not developing though was my quality of life. Some days the seizures would last 14 hours and I remember a particularly rough Friday when this was the case and I had just had enough!

I remember making a decision in that moment that I was determined to do ANYTHING THAT WAS REQUIRED to heal my brain, my body, my emotions and my life as it could not be harder than enduring the suffering that had become my everyday life. I also had to face the reality that I had some serious work to do and it was going to take TIME.

Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash

Fast forward a year later and I am almost 100% recovered. I am working through the emotional trauma, this will take time, I still can’t drive but I am back working full time and fully functional in my family.

I have not been in a wheel chair nor had a neurological relapse that has affected my mobility for 6 months.

I see a pattern with myself and also with my patients. We find ourselves in our mid 30’s and 40’s feeling tired, in pain and really struggling to complete daily tasks. Our body has gone from recovery, repair and rejuvenation to just doing the bare minimum and keeping us upright and moving about.

We have become reliant on the double shot espresso to get us moving and perhaps even the two glasses of chardonnay to wind down and sleep at night. You earnt it didn’t you? You have worked a 40+ hour week, you have cared for the kids, cooked 3 meals a day and the house is clean. Unfortunately I see a lot of this justification mindset in my patients.

The reality we face is that the body is tired and our life and lifestyle requires change! Detoxification, cleansing and undoing the damage is now the next order of business. We loathe the idea of being without our favorite foods, having to change our lifestyle and we are impatient on the results. We want the quick fix but it doesn’t exist! You can’t outrun a lifetime of bad habits and now you have to face the music, do the work and we have to be patient!

We require a plan, a strategy andto know what to work on too — it’s not as simple as having celery juice and getting a gym membership! This level of healing and mopping up a lifetime of cellular damage is complex, you need an experienced practitioner to show you the work that needs to be done.

Your body has it’s own priority system of healing that your symptoms are already telling you. A well trained practitioner can educate you on what this means and how it can help you.

Once this plan is in place we need to do the work, change your spending habits, adapt our routine and above all become patient. It’s SO hard! I lived this impatience myself, but the body takes time to repair and heal and this doesn’t always align with our expectations.

My practice has changed since my assualt last year. I work deeper, more wholistically and more strategic than ever before. I am introducing more drastic and permanant treatment strategies for my patients — why — beacuse I know the results that come from it!

I have done them myself and I have never been healthier or clearer about the cause of illness and the steps that can be taken to be whole, nourished and well!

Impatient people don’t heal, it’s as simple as that. Impatient people reach for pharmceutical and empty promising quick fixes that only create short term fixes if anything.

It truly sucks, I know, but to live a long, healthy and fulfilling life your body has to work at its optimum. To achieve this you have to do the work, you have to know what work to do and you have to commit to it for the time necessary.

Having great health isn’t a free pass unfortunately, it’s not a given…you earn your good health every day from your healthy habits. It was something I took for granted, now I know the work that is required to feel this well and I EARN my great health with every mouthful and lifestyle change I commit to…

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