Why I don’t want to be needed…

In my line of work there is so much misinformation and people who are driven by money instead of care. Not everyone of course, but many of my patients have had bad experiences before coming into my practice. Many have been struggling on their own trying to get answers.

My greatest satisfaction is when I make myself redundant. When I helped to make a family whole again, I have educated them to the point that they can then carry on and live in maintenance without me.

This is my primary objective with each and every family I work with — to not be needed.

Health isn’t a mystery, neither is biochemistry really, it just takes the RIGHT information mixed with the right motivation to enable people to HEAL THEMSELVES.

I think for a long time the medical profession has spoken down to the everyday family and enjoyed their position of superiority. Health providers have liked to keep people in their ‘place’ — without the ability to take action themselves.

I am completely against this kind of healthcare! Your body is your responsibility and healthcare providers are here to educate and guide you on the way to maintaining health and wellness yourself.

Patient education is a HUGE part of my practice, every 2 weeks I record a free webinar for my patients teaching them more than what I can achieve in our scheduled appointments.

I want my patients to be well, I want their children to be well and most of all I want them to be well in 20 years time!

Without stepping up your knowledge and living preventatively you will be back at the clinic’s door needing more interventions.

Health is not just the absence of illness its ESTABLISHING WELLNESS.

Here in lies my ethos, my passion and why family’s have come in and out of my practice when they need care for the last 17 years.

No subscriptions, no obligations and no infinite commitments. Come as you need me and then together we will work so that you don’t need me again. That is a job done in my practice!

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