Why eat a plant-based diet?

I am not a strict vegan and do not have a particularly strong moral reason to advocate a plant-based diet. My motives are health and longevity based.

All-day I speak to patients about the essentials of nutrients and alkalinity in the prevention of chronic and progressive degenerative diseases.

It can be really challenging to make changes for the right reasons without urgency or a diagnosis. Most of my patients reach for an aggressive plant-based diet as a fast-acting alternative to pharmaceutical medicines and surgical procedures.

Prevention is better than cure and the greatest threat to our health, overall, I believe is the chemicals and poisons in our foods and water. These harmful glyphosate chemicals are endocrine disruptors, they create biochemical and neurological damage as well as chronic and long-standing inflammation.

To live a long, healthy, and active life the best advice I have to offer my patients is to adopt a preventative and therapeutic plant-based, alkaline organic diet.

I encourage my patients to eat 80% organic plant-based meals (this doesn’t necessarily mean raw, especially in the fall and winter seasons!) with 20% organic whole grains and grass-fed, grass-finished, and hormone/chemical-free protein.

This is the diet that will sustain your collagen, bones, digestive system, and boost immunity while also preventing and treating chronic disease.

I lived in pain for 18 months, it’s a horrible way to live! My pain like most of my patients came from inflammation in my organs and tissues as a result of biochemistry that was acidic. When I opened my detox pathways through the infrared sauna and a strict 100% plant-based diet I not only lost 3 dress sizes in 6 months but I more importantly eliminated ALL of my pain.

My body was speaking to me, I was ignoring it. This is often the case. Our body speaks to us daily — do you experience aches and pains, headaches, muscle tension, bloating, fatigue…these are all symptoms that will drastically improve on a high plant-based diet.

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