Which Headache Remedy do you need?

You don’t need to reach for pain killers every time you have a headache. It creates more work for your body to do with the load on the liver and kidneys which often makes the headaches more frequent over the long term.
Instead, consider these medicines –
❌Belladonna – when the pain is throbbing in the head and you often feel flushed and hot at the same time.
❌Bryonia – when the pain is splitting and you have the pain over one eye. You feel better from laying down and it’s worse with any motion.
❌Gelsemium – for congestion in thread caused by overwhelm and stress.
❌Nat Mur – pain that feels like a migraine and often comes on after being upset. The pain feels like a thousand hammers knocking on the brain and there is great sensitivity to light.
❌Nux Vomica – headaches from overindulgence of alcohol, food, or coffee with digestive upsets at the same time.
These are only a few of the remedies I reach for, also consider Sanguinaria, Aconite, Pulsatilla, and Glonoine.
Dose frequently – every 10 minutes for 30c potency until you feel relief. Any questions please book a free 20-minute consult with me.
**Migraines often don’t respond as well to these acute remedies as just straight forward headaches as miasmatic implications require other medicines.