Where we are all called to be…

When I was 24 I travelled to India to undertake a post grad in a Homoeopathic Hospital in Mumbai. I fell in love with India, the colors, the smells, the food, the sounds but most importantly their love and respect for Homoeopathic Medicine.

After I completed the study I then went to work in the remote villages of West Bengal for 6 weeks. The patients lined the streets waiting for appointments every day and I would work in abandoned buildings or under trees in the exasperating heat.

This is where I really earnt my stripes that later I would apply to my private practice. I learnt about the magic, the speed and the diversity of Homeopathic Medicine.

I returned to Australia and started to fundraise, I was determined to start a Homeopathic Charity and continue to assists the thousands of people in the villages of West Bengal. They didn’t need a white woman in a sari! They needed a well executed plan, management, accountability and most importantly for the project to become sustainable.

The fundraising rarely worked and instead I tithed from my clinic. 11 years I worked and lead my staff in those villages.

We created access to healthcare for 30 000 people per month. We built a mobile healthcare vehicle, employed 17 people including Homoeopathic Doctors, nurses, healthcare workers and management and support staff.

They were magical years and I learnt so much through service. My charity was called Rebalance the Globe.

The world needs us to shine our light, and I believe the BEST way to shine that light is according to your values and beliefs. We are all created equal but we have different pull and magnetism to particular causes. This is where I believe we are called to serve.

I have always been drawn to medicine because of what I do, other people are called to serve in religious organizations, to fight for human inequality, for animals. Every single cause is just as deserving and righteous.

More than anything I believe that one of our purposes here while we are on the earth is to work out and find where we are called to serve. We must help our children discover this too! Whether it’s in a small or big capacity each of our hearts has a need and desire to be of help.

Impact comes from finding this place to serve and ensuring that selflessness, passion and love is exchanged. This can be through financial contributions, time, knowledge, leadership, the ways we can contribute are endless.

We serve in our homes, to our spouses, our children, our career, our extended family and our community. Every day when we wake up with the heart to serve we are stepping into what we are being called to achieve and share.

I have a long list of places that I choose to serve, my kids, my family and my practice. I’m currently looking for other places to apply my knowledge and skills. I will see what doors open up for me next…where are you called to be?

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