When you put yourself first…

This is not a post about the importance of self-love and self-care because I know how important that is and I have tried to do more of this consciously all my adult life. This is a message about necessity…

What happens when you stop? Do the dishes get done, does the dog get walked and fed? Do the children have books read to them at night, is the fridge and pantry full and what about the bank account? This is called necessity. Sure, some self-help books will tell us to prioritize and it’s ok if the dog doesn’t get walked and the books don’t get read to the children but what is it that you can live with? Is that the person you want to be? I don’t want to be this person who says no because of my physical limitations because I’m tired, because I have no energy just because I don’t look after myself.

I’m not talking about perfectionism, I’m talking about the person you are choosing to be, the way that you want to interact with the world, the person you want to be remembered as.

I’m guessing that you are like me, everything is in your life because you want it to be or because you haven’t worked out yet how to remove the obstacle but you’re trying. That I think is the basis of who we are, we try to improve and we try to make ourselves happy. Therefore I want to ask you what happens when the balls get dropped?

We all do it from time to time, we drop balls, we toss some over our shoulder and get rid of them but although this may be contentious to some of you we ARE the sum of all of our contributions.

We are remembered and our children experience us through our interactions and therefore it is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing that we maintain or work to improve these interactions. We must work hard to carry the balls, intentionally, the ones we want to have in our life without weariness!

One day we will be all but a memory, we will be 6 feet under and we will be a collection of memories, a few personal items our family will treasure and hopefully a ton of video and photographs.

Therefore how is it possible that we neglect ourselves? We MUST NOT, we CAN NOT neglect ourselves, as we strive to have a better impact, a deeper connection and create a meaningful experience for ourselves, our children and all the others in our lives.

So I have to get over myself! I have to DO the work, heal the sickness, do the exercise, prevent the disease and start taking ACTION to be the best me that I need myself to be.

Not just for my children, but because my life here is finite and my ability to impact, create, explore and enjoy is also LIMITED. I want to get the most out of it all, today and tomorrow and for the years ahead so that it was meaningful, I was meaningful and I had a good time!

It’s not about prioritizing, it’s not about sacrifice or martyrdom of women it’s about putting myself first so that my life is what I want it to be.

My health = my ability to live a long, happy and fulfilling life. Without strong physical and mental health my ability to experience joy, create memories and make an impact is limited and diminished.

So today I get over myself, my bitching and groaning about how I don’t want to go to the garage and do my workout. I silence the voice in my head that still craves foods that don’t nourish my body and I put myself to bed early. I ask for help from those who have more knowledge than me who can heal me, lead and educate me to do better and be better in my life.

Not because I’m worth it, I’ve always been worth it…but because I WANT TO LIVE an EXTRAORDINARY life with no regrets and no limitations from my body or mind.

My children are worth it for sure but I put myself first because I get only ONE LIFE and it is NOW.

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