When you lose your power you get sick…

When I was attacked in January 2019 my health completely crashed, in fact every area of my life felt like it crashed down around me as I didn’t have the health or strength to maintain or nourish any of it. I lost all power in my life…

I see this is the pattern with my patients too. I don’t know what is around the corner but I know that I need to stay strong and powerful in every area of my life.

I keep my mind strong — I am determined, I use affirmations, I listen to inspiring and spiritual teachers that fuel my mind with HOPE and messages that I am and will always WIN.

I keep my relationships strong — I am very discerning who I allow into my life and who I need to hold healthy boundaries with. I am powerful in this area of my life because I give it a lot of thought and I am intentional in all of my interactions.

I keep my body strong — I walk/hike 10kms every day and I nourish my body with organic healthy food and live in a poison free environment. I use my infrared sauna daily, clay, salt, I do monthly cleanses and use supplements daily to help me keep my mitochondria active and my cells clean.

These things I do EVERY DAY and they make me feel powerful and my life becomes a force of power.

Intentional living is powerful living and when I drop any of those balls I become sick. It may just be brain fog, lethargy, poor sleep, irritability or stress but it’s the beginning of greater sickness.

I encourage my patients to live powerfully, intentionally and to level up their commitment to themselves.

When they do they don’t get sick and they HEAL. You can too!

Where do you need to regain the power you hold in your life?

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