When words fail…a remedy is needed

When words fail in my life I have to change my tact, and then change it again and then again until something else works. This has happened to me recently. I found a person in my life really struggled to understand me. The communication had just broken down and honestly I can’t even tell you how except that she and I were completely OFF the same page. Previously we have been on the same page so this was new for us.

No matter what I said I couldn’t find myself being understood or heard and I sat in bewilderment…I struggled with this and I found it paralyzing.

I tried different ways of expressing myself, I tried to communicate more effectively but finally I realized the more I tried the more the situation was beginning to decline. No amount of allowing and compassion was creating the breakthrough that her or I needed.

I decided that if words were failing me I had to step into doing something and allow my actions to do the work and communicate in this way instead.

I realized my behavior was both the cause and also the solution to this breakdown and I reached for results. I reached for a remedy, a Homoeopathic remedy to get my point across. I reached for the action of prescribing for my friend and also for myself for the situation of being stuck that we both found ourselves in.

You see we were both in an unbalanced state. We were both unable to see the other person’s perspective or point of view because we were both unable to tap into this ourselves, this state of unbalance was not just within each of us but also between us.

I then waited for the remedy response. Within two days the communication and the dialogue started again, the apologies, the acceptances and the understanding came back. Something we had enjoyed in our friendship up until this point. There was never a lack of kindness or compassion.

This is one of the magical pieces of Homoeopathic Medicine, it restores balance and in this case possibly even saved this relationship.

This is why I treat the family as a whole, the nuances between people and the energetic exchange. When a family is balanced they can thrive, if one or more people are unbalanced it creates a squeaky wheel! They say the squeaky wheel gets the oil but what if the oil you are using isn’t getting the results!

This relationship is easy and enjoyable now, like it has been up until that point of discord. It wasn’t even a contentious topic that we couldn’t move through. It was that we were both being triggered by our history in relation to it.

We are only the product of our experience and this experience creates the lens in which we see and experience the world. But what if that lens is distorted, unbalanced and is causing us harm? What if you need healing, some kind of closure or resolution within yourself so that we can turn over a new leaf?

This was the case for us. We both needed a Homoeopathic remedy for us to heal the parts of this for ourselves so that we could move forward with it together.

I see this in so many intimate relationships and marriages in my practice. The most common is betrayal. Once someone has been cheated upon that pain and hurt often lingers and influences the way they show up and allow themselves to engage in relationships thereafter.

Healing the betrayal with a Homoeopathic Medicine shifts the pain and moves the person out of the trauma and loss enabling them to find peace again and not recreate this cycle of pain and experience in future relationships.

This part of me is now healed thanks to the remedy and so this relationship can continue to move forward. The breakdown was because we both needed healing and now that has been achieved words are now enough…

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