When things need to pivot…

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you need to make a change and quickly?

I found myself in one recently, circumstances required us to pivot, to make a choice and to trust our instincts. It was a quick decision and one that has continued to reveal itself as the right one in the last few weeks.

It was the right decision for my health, for my fitness, for my mindset and for my longevity. These decisions in my experience are often instinctual, a knowingness from something deep down. Something I had been thinking about for a while but something that in that moment — it finally landed and the decision was made.

I see this happen with a lot of my patients too. They really do get a little voice in their head telling them from a deep level what they need to change. Whether it’s as simple as giving up alcohol, sugar, meat or dairy in their diet or changing jobs, moving houses or relocating to new cities. When they listen it’s ALWAYS the right thing for them, and especially their health!

We must not be afraid to make impulsive decisions that have health benefits as really, they can’t go wrong! How many times have you sat in a restaurant and your first instinct on what to order was healthier than what you actually chose as you had too long to mull over the menu before the waiter came back to take your order. Or maybe like me you drove past a gym or cycle class every day on your usual route but that one day while sitting at the traffic lights it jumped out at you and you should have turned around and signed up right there and then on the spot.

Don’t be afraid to pivot when it comes to your health! If you are taking medicines that are not getting you better, if you are not getting results from your current workout or food choices PIVOT! And do it right now. Reach out to the people in your life who know about these things or even better listen to yourself.

Your gut CAN be trusted when it comes to these things because it always has your highest good in mind. I have already said it in one of my posts this week but it’s really resonating SO deeply in my clinic right now with my patients that I want to share it again…

We only have ONE place to live, this one body! Look after it. Start today. Maybe you haven’t done a good job in the past of nourishing, listening or taking care of it but it is never ever too late to pivot and start making healthier and sustainable choices about your healthcare, your healthy habits and who you entrust to be your health care provider.

Life is too short, we all know this, but it’s the work we do today and tomorrow that become the lifestyle and results we get to enjoy in 6 months time! How are you going to feel at Christmas time? Join me and continue to pivot and make healthy changes or get started…

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