When the work just has to be done…

(Inspired by a conversation yesterday)
Sometimes in our life when things happen we can feel like we have been completely sideswiped – how could this have happened or how and why is this happening to me now? I know I felt like this last year. What could I possibly have done to attract this into my life, it seemed so unjust and it was so painful.
What I know to be true in my life is that whether I like it or not, if it turns up in my life it’s my responsibility to fix it and 9 times out of 10 this means returning to my center and healing MYSELF.
I am the common denominator in all the problems in my life – physically, emotionally, energetically, financially, psychologically….every single once of them begins and ends with me and my choices!
This is why I take Homoeopathic Medicine every single day and live on a high plant-based diet. This is what keeps me mentally strong and I have noticed that when I eat meat and food that contains chemicals such as glyphosate my mindset gets wobbly. I become aggressive in my thoughts towards myself and I get angry and words of injustice start coming out of my mouth.
My biochemistry is SO SENSITIVE after last year and so even the chemicals in foods can trigger me not being at my best.
Every day I empower myself in the right environment so that I can continue to heal. The anti miasmatic homeopathic medicines and the Pulsatilla, Sepia, and the Ignatia I take every week. I would not be my best or as balanced without them.
Yes, some times it does suck to have to do the work, but it has to be done. That means not having pizza and ice cream like other people. But my health and my happiness are worth missing out on these things.
To have vibrant health the work just has to be done.
What ‘work’ with your health are you putting off or not wanting to face?
I promise you – it’s worth starting, getting a plan, and committing to yourself.
You are the only one who can change your health and choices so you live a long and vibrant life.
Love yourself enough, the work has to be done and you can do it!