What you need to teach your daughters about their hormones and menstral cycle

YES! Your hormones need TUNING into!
I had a beautiful conversation yesterday with a mother and daughter. This is a conversation I am having more and more as tweens and teenagers come into care empowering themselves with their health.
For girls, the transition into menstruation is a big learning curve and a big shift – emotionally, physically, and energetically.
I love to educate the girls in my practice with TRUTHS about their body, their hormone, and how THEY can best support themselves. This is something I have only tuned into myself the last few years and information I wish had been given to me when I was 12.
Here it is, this information is for ALL women but please share with your girls too –
  • The menstruation cycle has 4 phases which require different asks and loads on your body – your hormonal/endocrine system and your sleep and emotions.
  • It’s NORMAL that tweenagers want to stay up late and want to sleep in more – their adrenal load is changing and they are beginning to tune into the lunar/moon cycles as their cycle establishes itself. Let them do this and feel into this themselves, it teaches them to listen to their body and act on what they need!
  • Ideally, all women ovulate at the new moon and bleed on the full moon however after childbearing or as we approach peri menopause this often switches for many women. If this is not the case miasmatic obstruction is the cause and can be fixed easily and quickly. This connection to the lunar cycle brings greater health, alignment, intuition, and healthier long-term endocrine function.
  • Day 1 (bleed) – Day 5 is the menstrual period this is a time of reflection, re-evaluation, and rest. Do not ask too much of yourself during this time and don’t push the adrenals hard to just persevere or push through. LISTEN to your body and get more rest, more nourishment from yang foods – root vegetables, broths, soups, and organic animal protein during this time.
  • Day 5 – Day 13 is the follicular phase and this is a time to say yes to new things. This is a time to go out, be creative, brainstorm, and begin making things happen.
  • Day 14- Day 16 is the ovulation phase this is the peak time to connect with others and have things align for you. This is a time to launch, to meet, and to make things happen out in the community and with others. There is a lot of energy and alignment here and less sleep and lighter fruits, vegetables, and salads are best.
  • Day 15 – Day 28 is the luteal phase, this is the time to start winding things up. Completing projects and slowing down is intuitive here and more sleep and naps in the day are encouraged.
Here are just a few pointers to get started! I’m planning a virtual workshop all about this in the new year, if you have interest please shoot me a DM so I can be sure to let you know about it!
If you are ready to dive into your cycle, live with greater alignment and flow throughout the month with no painful and debilitating symptoms please book a free 20-minute consultation with me –  www.nicolecunningham.com