What should you eat?

This is the number one question I am asked by new patients that are coming into Homeopathic care. Where do I start and how do I know what diet is right for me?
The simple answer – it’s NOT a diet!
An organic and non-GMO high fiber plant-based diet with soaked organic whole grains and occasional organic, non-GMO, and grass-fed and grass-finished protein is what I recommend for most people. This ‘lifestyle’ of eating is everyday prevention for chronic illnesses and will lead to a wonderful baseline of nutritionally sound vitamin and mineral wellbeing.
What does this translate to your plate?
* Wide variety of greens and seasonal plant-based non processed foods – basically fruit and vegetables – eat what is seasonal and you can source organically locally
* Organic and non-GMO whole grains – rice, amaranth, oats, quinoa, barley, and sprouted legumes (soak for at least 3 hours before cooking in fluoride and chlorine-free water)
* Organic non-GMO poultry and eggs – only a few times per week
* Grass-fed and grass-finished beef – enjoy this a few times per week
* I don’t recommend my patients eat any pork, fish, or seafood as these contain very little nutritional value. As well as this they often contain microplastics and they are often fed genetically modified corn if they are farmed
WHY go to all the effort?
* Switching to a diet of 80% organic foods for 1 week reduced pesticide breakdown (glyphosate) in urine by 96%!
* 94% of the American population has measurable levels of pesticides (glyphosate) in their urine!
* Studies have shown that children exposed to pesticides regularly are twice as likely to be diagnosed with ADHD!