What is essential?

This term has been redefined by us in recent months by powers and people who don’t know who we are or the members of our family. We have been told what matters and what doesn’t and made to conform to politics and power.

Reshaping our day to day living, trying to reclaim connection, motivation, momentum and normality is something I am hearing in every single consultation in my practice.

There is so much control, power, greed and desire to influence yet it’s STILL our lives and OUR families that we have to keep on course, remain connected and centered in our values.

I am encouraging my patients to chase joy. There is still a lot of fulfillment, hope and yearly milestones to look forward to, they just look and feel different to what they ever have before.

My children and my home deserves and requires strength and emotional resilience that I have never had to access before. As the leader of my home — as a mother I have had to restructure and redefine our routine and stability.

Many have lost their jobs, their livelihoods have been in jeopardy. Families are disconnected, separated by borders and country lines…there is so much disconnection.

The hysteria, the media and the prejudice is fierce and many of our children are lost, unmotivated and addicted to technology!

I challenge myself every day to redefine what is essential…

What really matters and what can I walk away from? What do I have to find resources for and what daily activities do I have to include for my emotional/mental health and clarity?

My girls feed off me, their emotional resilience is directly related to mine…so what is really essential?










The list goes on and on….

Each day I am reaching for an activity and making the time and commitment to DO and ACHIEVE something in each of those categories above.

I encourage you to make your own list — what is essential to you and how can you incorporate this into this new normal?

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