What feels better?

When you woke this morning what did it feel like? Were you refreshed? Did you have aches and pains, what symptoms consumed your body? What about your mind? Do you have to fight through to get to a place of positivity and be able to get moving, function and start your day?

Unfortunately this is a lot of my patients, they have to muddle through and struggle every single morning with unwanted sensations and compounding emotional grit!

We don’t have to live this way. Your body and mind are a barometer of your health and your body is trying to speak to you!

One of the conversations I have had in my clinic every day for the last 17 years with my patients — “you don’t wake up one day with bowel cancer!” Your body is speaking to you every single day and for many the symptoms and signs that you try to ignore and push to the background really need you attention.

Inflammation in accumulative — the poisons in our water and food supply, the endocrine inhibitor chemicals in our skin and body care products, cleaners, detergents and aerosols. They all accumulate and create systemic inflammation.

Inflammation manifests as fluid retention, aches and pains, unrefreshed sleep, bloating, headaches and low energy and fatigue — just to name a few!

For many in my clinic this has all become heightened the last few months, it’s as if something has snapped and there is just no longer any emotional or physical resilience to reach for.

Many of my patients are feeling lost, disconnected and uncertain about the future. One thing you can reclaim is your health and one of the best ways to overcome inflammation is to DETOX and start taking steps to increase your energy and improve your health!

I want to share with you my recent webinar where I explain why you have no energy. The body ailments, the lack of emotional fortitude and resilience you are experiencing are signs and symptoms that your body needs help!

If you are stuck and don’t know where to start this is a GREAT starting point! I teach you about food as medicine, detox pathways and how to really reduce the inflammation in your body that is causing you the discomfort!

Here is the webinar — https://www.youtube.com/watch…

You don’t have to live like this anymore — reach for what feels BETTER!

Small gradual changes over a long period of time is what will make the most lasting indent on your health.

Reach for knowledge that is proven, health strategies that work and health providers who live and breathe the health that you are trying to achieve!

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