What constitutes addiction or dependency?

Those who know me well know that I LIVE for a good cup of espresso. Something that up until 6 years ago was never part of my experience is now a daily ritual, a beautiful few moments of sheer perfection.

I recently gave up my espressos as I felt like my relationship to these magic caffeinated beans could be on the verge of unhealthy.

In my practice, I help families with diet and lifestyle changes. Often this can include addiction, alcohol, food, drugs, pharmaceutical medicines, and even repetitive behaviors.

What constitutes an addiction or dependency? The rule of thumb that I use in my clinic is — if you can give something up for 8 weeks then you are not addicted or dependent. If you can’t then this is an unhealthy dependency and/or addiction.

This is what I often ask families to do with wheat, gluten, dairy and sugar for health reasons such as food intolerances. For many adults, I ask them to do this with junk foods, alcohol, caffeine and pornography.

The results are ASTOUNDING! The changes that people make in 8 weeks — the time, the money and the health they RECLAIM. The relationships that heal and reconnect, it really can be magical!

I have now finished my caffeine detox/cleanse and am enjoying once again my magic beans. With so much of a greater appreciation for them now than before. (I didn’t know this was possible.) I gave my adrenals a hiatus, I supported and cleansed my gallbladder and I feel amazing!

Do you look at lifestyle, food or behavioral patterns and consider whether they are a habit, a crutch, a dependency or an addiction? I would love to speak to you and assist you with this process.

It doesn’t have to be painful and Homeopathic Medicine and other medicines I use in my clinic bring incredible results such as better sleep, weight loss, clear skin, hormonal and adrenal balance, healing the thyroid, mental and emotional stability and resilience — the list goes on!

If you would like some help please reach out, I have helped hundreds of people break free of their addictions and unhealthy dependency!

As I enjoy my espresso now I celebrate the taste and the feeling of knowing with certainty that I am not dependent or addicted. To be FREE is the highest achievement possible, when free a person can decide to become anything…

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