What CAUSES disease?

Whenever a new family comes into my care I look for causation – why is it that this family or some family members are sick?
It’s complex and is worth analysis.
Here are some of the thing I look for…
🌀Genetic Predisposition
🌀Immunisation Injury
🌀Active Miasms
🌀Mental/emotional causation including ailments from change
🌀Metabolic and Biochemical imbalance
🌀Heavy Metal Toxicity
🌀Exposure to environmental toxins including mould, EMF’s and other pollutants
To really achieve looking and feeling well modifications and Homeopathic Medicines are needed to address the caution of illness.
✅ Unlike conventional medicine I see the body in it’s totality and symptoms and pathology are linked. When we treat the cause and eliminate it the pathology begins to permanently change.
You can feel well and every day you ACHIEVE better health through your decisions and choices.