Waiting is really hard!

In my practice, I ask people to wait for the remedy response. It can be really hard when you have a skin itch, when you feel depressed, when you have pimples and digestive disturbances to be patient. Often it only takes a few days or hours but when you are suffering, every minute seems long!

I know! I get impatient too!

One thing is for sure though, the patience is worth it. Homoeopathic Medicine activates the body’s vital force — the ability to heal itself and this is what takes time.

Unlike herbal medicines, supplements and other natural alternatives it doesn’t need to be processed and absorbed through the digestive system. In fact, the gut and the liver have no role to play.

Homeopathic Medicine is FAST as it goes straight to the vital force via the limbic system. It hits the tongue and goes through the brain and into the systemic biochemistry.

This is why Homoeopathic Medicine can break a fever in 3 minutes and why you can have completely different mood changes in as little as 10 minutes!

Homoeopathic Medicine is fast and efficient in bringing the individual back to a state of equilibrium.

When the vital force is activated we heal and we thrive. We make better decisions, we think clearer, we get more refreshing sleep and we manage ourselves and our lives with greater intention, motivation and clarity.

Homeopathic Medicine is often called counseling with medicine — its mind and it’s LIFE MEDICINE.

Patients reach out to me when they are going through life changes and transitions when they experience grief, loss, mental pressure and medical diagnosis.

More patients are reaching to Homoeopathic Medicine for vital force activation than ever, we all need to be our balanced and best selves so we can navigate this new world and all its challenges.

I have had strength, perspective and purpose in the face of this epidemic BECAUSE of Homeopathic Medicine. I can’t imagine being a parent or getting through the last few months without it!

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