Varicose Veins

I treat a lot of patients who experience pain, throbbing, and who are embarrassed by their varicose veins. While they are not always cured completely cosmetically the homeopathic remedies administered bring great relief whether they are from pregnancy, a sedentary lifestyle, history of addiction, or just genetic predisposition.
The homeopathic anti miasmatic remedies bring the biggest change, usually within 2 weeks of starting treatment. Restless and heavy legs often accompany varicose veins and these symptoms resolve also.
The homeopathic medicines Hamamelis, Arnica, Carbo Ceg, Calc Carb, Lycopus, Pulsatilla, and Fluoric Acid are the medicines I reach for the most. As well as Medhorrhinum, Sulphur and Tuberculinum.
Like all ailments, Homeopathic Medicine treats the person and not the disease. As such it’s not as easy as a one size fits all, but when your varicose veins fit the symptom picture the relief is amazing!