Unhealthy Nails –

This is always a symptom of deeper underlying pathology and imbalance. It takes many months to see a change in the nail bed as this is a more superficial symptom of an underlying issue.
The second miasm is mostly responsible for these conditions. Similarly a diet high in sugar, yeast and GMO are responsible for systemic fungal and parasitic infections.
Stagnation in the pancreas, liver and lymphatics means that change to these nails can be slow and many become impatient and resort to suppressive topical applications that ensure the issue comes back again every few months.
Remedies to bring relief include –
❌Ant Crud – when there is fungus in the nail bed and also horny callouses and warts on the body. There is itchy skin all over the body and the skin and nails split and break easily.
❌Sulphur – this treats the miasm responsible for the underlying conditions while also giving relief on the nail bed. The skin becomes healthy, the nail begins to grow back healthy and the patient also stops having burning and smelly perspiration and discharges.
❌Silica – I often prescribe this for my patients who have unhealthy skin, hair nails and who are cold all the time. They have very smelly feet and the nails grow innards and are surrounded by pus.
❌Graphites – the most effective remedy for athletes foot and tinea. Useful when there is itching, lesions, split and cracked skin that itches. I also use this medicine for ingrown toenails.
I prescribe these medicines in 6c potency 4x daily.