Treating Blisters Naturally –

I treat a lot of these, they are often trauma related from burns, jamming fingers in car doors or accidents.

They are painful and do need monitoring so they heal correctly.

Here are the medicines I prescribe –

❌ Allium Cepa – when the blisters are on the feet or heels from new shoes, pinching or hiking! The is a brilliant medicine to have with you in your pack!

❌ Apis – blisters that appear as a result of sunburn, insect bites or animal bites where this is redness, swelling, inflammation and the person feels great heat in the area.

❌ Cantharis – blisters that burn and itch from burns, sunburn, excessive walking or even on the genitalia from urinary tract infections.

❌ Kali mur and Borax – where there are white blisters in the mouth, can be candida or thrush and can also be from teething in babies.

❌ Nit Acid – when the blisters have deep concave holes in them and can often be found in the mouth and on other mucosa on the body – tongue, eyelids, nasal cavities, labia and anus.

❌ Arnica – for blood blisters and blisters from traumatized tissue from injuries and accidents. I like to start with 6c dry dose hourly until all resolved.