Toothaches –

Dental treatment is important, unfortunately I often get calls from patients in my practice in pain who have abscesses who are waiting in discomfort for their dental appointment. Homeopathic Medicine gives great relief and can reduce infection and prevent cellulitis.
❌Silica – my number one go to remedy for abscess and teeth infections. It reduces the swelling and pain and manages the infection so it doesn’t spread to the cheeks and cause cellulitis.
❌Staphysagria – very good for sensitive teeth when the person can’t have any cold food or drinks as it makes the pain worse.
❌Merc Sol – the best remedy when there is an infection and bad breath from the infection. The toothache is worse from hot and cold and the patient is really suffering with pain, bleeding gums and infection.
❌Arnica – when the pain feels like a bruise, when the gums are swollen and painful from tooth extraction and dental procedures.
I like to dose in 6c every 7 minutes until there is a shift in the patient’s pain and then continue every 20-40 minutes to keep the patient comfortable while they wait to the see the dentist.