I never seem to have enough of it. I can even blame others for taking it away from me. I can feel flustered and get carried away, I can get distracted and then I behave as if it has been taken from me. What a delusion?

The reality — we all have the same amount, it is finite….we are not immortal. We all get to choose what we do with it. How we invest it and what we allow to take our attention and efforts.

If you had a running clock next to you, glaring at you all day, would you spend it differently?

I have always felt like I didn’t have enough time and then when my health completely crashed from underneath me last year I felt like I had all the time in the world as the suffering was fierce. I have truly never been so miserable, seizures hours and hours every day…my hope was low and my despair was high…the days felt horrifically long!

I would beg my parents to knock me out, put me out of my misery and enable me to sleep. The PTSD and the fear were so high that at one particularly low point I didn’t leave my bedroom for a week…trauma is real!

But what I needed was TIME. My body and my mind both needed time to heal but without a plan and executing change I would still be where I was.

It took months for the brain swelling to reduce and even now if I don’t manage my time with enough rest and adequate healthy choices with water fasting, monomeals, infrared sauna, exercise and Homoeopathic Medicines that word TIME comes to haunt me again. Why? Because it takes time to heal and the self-care and the conscious efforts every day to continue healing DO take time.

It’s not time I don’t have, its time I have to create, to allocate to prioritize and every single one of my patients hear this from me.

To get real, sustainable health change it takes TIME, strategy, consistency and a plan with components that are proven to work.

My patients come to me for the strategy and the plan but after the online consultation, I don’t have the ability to impact their time or their consistency and their choices. Just like my choices and my consistency and my time management affect MY health results.

The good news — we all have the same amount of time and sticking to the plan, the strategy and choosing the self-love and care that it takes to heal is possible for every single person.

Regardless of the diagnosis, prognosis or medical history! Today you have TIME — what are you going to do with it that prolongs, extends and enhances your health that gives you better and longer quality of life.

We ALL have that ticking clock beside us…it’s time to take looking after yourself and your health a priority!

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