The world of those with chronic and illness, I have lived there too!

I get the phone call or the email after every specialist, practitioner and method has already been tried. This doesn’t offend me, I love the challenge and in most cases, I get the results that are needed.

For those that live with chronic illness, the daily cycle of fatigue, pain, exhaustion and mental breakdowns is recurrent. The strength to face another day, to try another method or practitioner and even to get showered and dressed can be all too much.

I know, I lived here too… after being mugged in January 2019 in San Francisco I have had an 18-month recovery of my own. From a brain injury, a severe concussion, Lyme Disease and 5 months in a wheelchair I am now preparing myself to try and get my driver’s license back. The final piece in the puzzle to life returning as normal…well normal-ish.

You see once your body has undergone severe trauma or has a major pathology it takes YEARS of recovery. The quick fix was what I have achieved over the last 18 months — being able to walk again, leave the house after having crippling anxiety and stopping the 16 hours of seizures a day and work full time in my practice.

I still can’t eat at restaurants, drink wine or have any food preservatives. Additives, food colorings and processed meats and cheeses cause seizures again and so I live a very strict regime of organic plant-based food only.

My life includes a daily infrared sauna, sometimes two. I can walk and run now but I still have to manage my insomnia as this can still be the cause of emotional days and feelings of lingering PTSD symptoms — feeling taken from.

These days are common for those who have a chronic illness and still in recovery. It’s normal to feel cheated, to feel angry and to find the days long and hard. It often takes a team of people — cheerleaders who rally around you to help you find answers and care for yourself, especially in the early days. Thank god for caring family and friends who love you regardless!

The point of this though is that it DOES HAPPEN! Healing is possible when you choose the correct building blocks in which to heal yourself. The healing takes time and will continue for years, I am under no delusion of this!

I tried to have a bowl of vegetarian rice noodles, just 4 months ago which lead to me not being able to lift my left leg, systemic paralysis, slurring my words and my dad having to carry me from the restaurant.

It’s just NOT WORTH IT! Instead, I have consolidated, I am realistic about what I can and cannot achieve at the time. I have to rest, I have to eat organic food, I have to water fast or eat monomeals 4 days a week. I have to detox every day, drink herbal teas, drink gallons of water and exercise every day. I am worth it!

My life is the new normal now and I am finding happiness and fulfillment through new criteria. My children, my family and my practice have been my greatest loves throughout my life. This is where I get the inspiration to continue to control myself — not eat out, not do too much and to rest every day.

If you are suffering please know it WILL and DOES get better when you do the work! This work may be constant and I fir sure have years of this still ahead of me to get back to where I was before my trauma.

Impatient people rarely get well!

It’s taken bucket loads of resilience, homeopathic medicines, organic foods and self-love and care to get me to this point and I am still far from where I want to be.

Your world may seem small when you are suffering from chronic illness but it still has enormous meaning! You are so valuable to those who are around you and they need you to fight! Try new things, try drastic measures, if you do the same things you will always get the same results.

Deep, biochemical and permanent healing requires out of the box methods — nutritional medicine, rest, detoxification and emotional support.

If I can get this far then so can you!

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