The One Thing Your Child Needs The Most

You hold your newborn in your arms, smelling that sweet new baby smell, his skin is delicious and you realise that all the cleches are true. This love is unlike anything you have ever experienced, unlike nothing you could have prepared yourself for.

This little person is yours, you created him and he has no one in the world to protect or nourish him but you. You hold him close to your breast and promise him that forever you will be by his side, you will protect him.

Fast forward 5 years and he now asks for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, he runs, he jumps and he climbs. You have kissed more grazed knees than you dare to count and have bought boxes and boxes of band aids. You feel good about yourself, you protect him, he’s safe, he’s doing well.

Another two years down the road and things start getting bumpy, he’s struggling to make friends, he gets left out in the games of tag from the other kids and the teachers start talking to you about his poor concentration, he can’t sit still, he doesn’t listen and he’s not keeping up with the other kids.

Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

Now the real protection has to come into play. For the first time you determine for yourself that he needs an ADVOCATE and you realise that it has to be you. You haven’t seen this part of your role before, well meaning parents, teachers, care givers and health professionals are throwing letters and labels around, ADHD, ASD, Autism, OCD, ODD…

NO! His name is Sam!

He is Sam, he is my baby boy and back off! He isn’t these things, he is fine, he just needs more time, you don’t understand him! He is fine when he is with me!

You have to step up, you have to advocate and now instead of making friends with the other moms you find yourself protecting yourself and him from them. You feel shame, you feel aggression, the mama bear is coming out, you are desperate!

Where do you turn next, everyone is against you, no one sees what you see. Are you in denial? Or do you just need more information, more time, more advocacy?

The truth is all of these things, but what Sam needs most is you to not give up on him. Don’t give into the labels and the letters, the shame and the limitations. He needs you to believe in him, to stay strong and to fight for him.

Sam needs you to look outside of the box and to reject the conventional statistics and information being presented. Yes it’s controversial and you never set out to become one of those crunchy granola mamas.

But now you are searching Facebook for support, for other Mindful Mamas who have taken it upon themselves to be their childs advocate and healer. Other mama warriors who are healing their children themselves.

Mamas who are questioning the status quo of education, nutrition, healthcare, medications and behaviors.

It’s here that you begin to find your answers. You find other advocates and loving mothers who are doing strange things like bone broths, kombucha, vaccination detox, home schooling and Homeopathic Medicine. You see and hear the results, you see their boys and girls getting well. You realise you are not alone and you start to dip your toe in the new waters.

You become one of those food nazi’s people joke about — you get all the glyphosates, fluoride, hormonal laden meat and dairy out of your child’s diet.

You begin practicing mindfulness and doing yoga and meditation with Sam before school every day. The teachers start seeing the difference!

Photo by Monika Grabkowska on Unsplash

Sam still has his outbursts at school but he has his Homeopathic Medicine in his pocket and he reaches for it when he needs it. He hasn’t broken an ipad or hit a teacher in several months. He’s still getting teased a little at school and you watch out for the bullies and their mom’s who whisper behind your back when you drop him off at school.

Deep down something has changed. Your mama bear warrior is winning. Your fridge is full of kombucha, your green smoothies and organic $5 bread and non GMO corn chips are working.

You found a community that you can relate to, a community that rejects the labels society wants to put on Sam and a safe place for you to learn how to build a safer environment for Sam to live in.

Along the way you have learnt about chemicals, pesticides, the powerful pharmaceutical companies and how they now control our food quality because they recently purchased Monsanto. Even your political views have been challenged.

You learnt about Homeopathic Medicine and miasms. How when a miasm is active Sam has disproprotionate responses. He can’t regulate his behavior or his outbursts. When he is on the anti miamatic medicine he is cool, calm collected and he feels more in control. He can concentrate at school, he has more focus and he is reading and writing at the appropriate level for his age.

You didn’t realise this life was the one that Sam would need to feel safe in the world. You didn’t realise you would need friends, an online community and a practitioner who believed in your child as much as you did.

You didn’t realise that fighting to be his advocate would be so hard or would have so many benefits.

You have been able to keep his spirit intact, he is still your loving boy but he is clearer, healthier you just have to keep his road ahead clear. Clear of labels, letters, others people’s limitations and toxic food, drinks and environments.

After the initial work with your Homeopath in the beginning Sam is now in maintenance treatment. He has a remedy in his pocket at school and he takes his anti miasmatic medicine a few times a week. He is balanced, he is thriving.

As long as you continue to advocate for Sam he will thrive and be the boy you know he can be. The sweet boy that not everyone understands, but not everyone has to…because you do. You are his advocate and as long as you stay strong and on this path he will reach his fullest potential…

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