The medicines you need to carry in your handbag every day!

Falls, accidents, injuries and every day ailments are part of every day life for parents. Being prepared with the correct medicines on hand gives you the help you need to immediately bring relief to your children’s ailments.
Here are the medicines I don’t leave home without –
🌀Arnica – fantastic for bumps, bruises, sprains, strains, pain, swelling and compression injuries. This is the one to have on hand at the playground and when in the outdoors bike riding, sledding, skiing, hiking and at picnics.
🌀Aconite – fantastic for fright, fear and panic if there is ever an accident or incident. Just as equally this medicine is used for the onset of colds, earaches, runny nose, sore throat and other every day ailments.
🌀Apis – fantastic to reach for when there has been a bee or insect sting. This medicine also works fast for blue bottle and jellyfish stings. I use this medicine a lot for hives, rashes from grasses and heat rashes.
🌀Nux Vomica – I use this medicine almost every single time we are out of the house for at least one of us. Fantastic for headaches from fluorescent lights, vomitting, nausea, tummy aches and diarrhea. This medicine is also good for grumpy moods and anger. (With mask wearing everywhere this is often one I have been reaching for to regulate my thoughts and behavior this last year!)
🌀Pulsatilla – a medicine that has many uses – for headaches, colds, earaches, sinus, hayfever and earaches. This really helps whiny and clingy, tearful children that are feeling unwell.
🌀Cantharis – this medicine is the number one to reach for when there are burns of the skin, throat or any mucosa. Brilliant as a first aid medicine and also bring great relief to urinary tract infections and cystitis.
I like to carry these in my faraday bag in 30c potency. Dose every 7 minutes if the symptoms are extreme and acute or once an hour if they are mild.
For dosage seek out the guidance of an experienced clinician.