The dangers or sugar and alternatives…

I know sugar is bad for me, it can so quickly become a biochemical addiction, from just a small amount.

I was so excited when “That Sugar Film” and “The Truth About Sugar” were released, the message about the addiction and biochemical effects of sugar really came to light!

I have a lot of conversations in my practice about alternatives as in my opinion these are MUCH more serious than sugar itself.

One of the most dangerous chemicals facing our health is aspartame…and it is hidden in almost everything!

Aspartame is an artificial non-saccharide sweetener 200 times sweeter than sucrose and is commonly used as a sugar substitute in foods and beverages.

Common trade names to avoid completely are Equal and NutraSweet. It’s in almost everything nowadays that is low fat and low sugar. How else do they make it taste nice!

Recently we stayed at a hotel and I let my girls eat breakfast, this included a low-fat yogurt! The comment after just one mouthful was ‘mum, this tastes like it comes out of a test tube!’ YEP! Pretty much! This chemical disrupts the standardized function of the pancreas and can also disrupt endocrine function. Yet alarmingly it is in almost every single diabetic food and beverage product on the market!

It’s also found in sodas, most junk foods, fast foods, and pharmaceutical medicines! Even in personal care products including toothpaste!

It has been linked to increasing the likelihood of migraines, headaches, seizures, cancers, hormonal irregularity, and of course type II diabetes.

Dr. Richard Wurtman (1986), a researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, stated that he had been contacted by more than 100 people with alleged aspartame-associated seizures. He also was impressed by the frequency of previous migraine in such individuals, and the intensification of their headaches prior to convulsions. Furthermore, his experimental studies indicate that low doses of aspartame enhance seizures in animals predisposed to abnormal brain activity (Wurtman 1987c).

I recommend reading the book — “Aspartame Is It Safe?” — H J Roberts MD to learn more about how to prevent this chemical in your family’s diet and to keep this chemical out of your home. This book also has some fantastic clinic trials and evidence to back up my thoughts and opinion on this topic.

The ‘cleanest’ alternatives for sugar include stevia, monk fruit, raw honey, maple syrup, and agave syrup. I always lean towards one of these alternatives with my family or organic cane sugar when available.

Remember organic is always better and cleaner and when a product is certified organic it is almost always non-GMO which is an important choice also.

Say NO to chemical poisons being sold to us as food substitutes!

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