The 3 things to do when your child gets sick…

It is peak cold, flu, asthma, earache and fever season in the Southern Hemisphere.

My patients work with me on an unlimited access monthly plan and as such, I work with them with every acute and chronic ailment in their family.

Last night I was managing 6 asthma cases, 3 fevers, an ear infection, and tonsillitis in the Southern Hemisphere. This is a common day in my practice, in December, January, and February in the Northern Hemisphere also. Family’s that use Homoeopathic Medicine get used to the rapid response of the medicines and more often than not forego doctor visits for everyday ailments.

Why? As the weather shifts, we are more prone to pick up infections and low-level viral conditions that do not require antibiotics. These ailments are relieved quickly and easily with Homoeopathic Medicine and all of the families in my practice have a home apothecary of medicines that we have created together so that when they reach out with the symptoms they have the medicines on hand to administer.

Before medicines are administered however I check that these 3 things have been achieved –

* Sugar has been eliminated from the diet
* Dairy has been eliminated from the diet
* The child has the opportunity to rest — remain horizontal on the couch or in bed

These sound really simple don’t they, but unfortunately, like adults in our fast-paced society children are reluctant to slow down, rest, and take care of themselves. The body is working hard to fight off an invader and as such life has to slow down for a while.

It’s time for a Harry Potter or Disney movie marathon and I ask my patients to keep their children horizontal. This makes all the difference as the nervous system is relaxed and then the immune system can begin to respond and heal faster.

Elimination of all sugar and dairy are also essential as these create more mucus and suppress the immune system. Once these three things have been achieved we begin with the acute prescribing of the Homeopathic Medicines. Not only is this healthier for the child as no pharmaceutical medicines are prescribed but it’s also cheaper and more efficient medical care for the family.

Most cases resolve in a matter of hours or one or two days. I really discovered the power and speed of Homeopathic Medicine when I worked in the Homoeopathic Hospital in Mumbai. I am proud and fortunate that my children have never taken pharmaceutical medicine. This is the care and solution I offer the families in my practice.

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