Teething Babies – the medicines I reach for!

This is one of the most common questions that come through my chatbot on my website every week.
There are many Homeopathic complexes on the market that assist teething and they often work really well!
Despite what the misinformed pharmaceutically paid for google searches say, Belladonna, Chamomilla and Aconite will NOT harm your baby!
In my practice, I recommend these formulas especially as an over the counter relief instead of toxin-filled numbing gels and pharmaceutical pain relief! I have my own Puraforce Teething formula I have been selling for 18 years!
But there is an even better way!
Each baby has a constitution and a specific homeopathic medicine that will be right for their teething – every time!
For example, Pulsatilla constitutions do better with this than the teething complexes that contain Belladonna and Chamomilla.
Pulsatilla babies are fast teethers but they take a very long time to erupt so your baby can experience weeks to a month of pain as the teeth are moving before you see anything. Prescribing Pulsatilla for this and the clear runny nose that they have (you think they are coming down with something but they are not – they are teething!) gives almost immediate results – within hours!
Calc carb is a great medicine for babies who teeth slowly and who are very chubby and have great healthy happy smiles. Often these babies are hot and sweaty at night time and can have ongoing issues with constipation.
Silica is a great teething medicine for babies with this constitution. These babies are often tired, nervous, and have fine hair, and are very delicate, they are often seen clinically as being a little sickly as they have a low resistance to colds and other illnesses.
You get the idea! There are 13 other medicines I reach for every week in my practice for teething. Don’t settle for only partial relief from over the counter natural teething medicines, which only give your baby a little relief.
Discover your child’s constitution and stop those tears and sleepless nights!