Is ORGANIC worth it?

You have heard me go on and on about organic foods and CLEAN raw produce for many years. Is it as essential as I say it is — YES IT IS! Why? Glyphosate is a herbicide — a chemical compound used to kill certain plants. It kills plants and is therefore used in farming to get rid of the growth of invasive weeds. This … Read More

Why your body needs RAW food every day!

Yes, it does…every single day your body needs raw, nutrient dense and organic RAW food as fuel. * NUTRIENTS — our bodies need raw food for critical digestive enzymes that cannot be obtained from grains and animal products.* FIBRE — roughage from raw food enables you to have healthy intestinal transit time and complete and regular bowel habits (you should be pooping 3 times … Read More


These petty critters are LOVING the food you are feeding them! Often my patients, especially adults don’t even know that they have them. They don’t notice or have the typical presentation of the itchy bottom, unbalanced behavior, argumentative temper tantrums, and teeth grinding that children do. For adults, it’s the sugar cravings, low energy, energy slumps, and restless sleep that … Read More

Why Supplement?

Many patients come into my clinic having been on hundreds of dollars of supplementation every month with very little results. I DO believe in supplements but without the activation of the vital force with a constitutional medicine and removing the prohibitive miasms that affect the absorption of nutrients it can be a costly exercise. When it comes to supplementation this … Read More

You don’t have to be sick to get better…

We don’t have to become our parents, we don’t have to just accept the pathology, diagnosis, and hereditary illnesses of our ancestors. The is no better day to get healthy than today! In 1997 there were 3 billion pills (pharmaceutical drugs including Xanax, Zantac, Zoloft, and Adderall) in circulation by pharmaceutical companies in North America. 10 years later there were … Read More

Why Impatient People Never Feel Well

Unfortunately my current health status is the sum of all of the nourishment and damage that I have done in my life up until this point. Yours is too! Every Whopper meal from Burger King, genetically modified corn chip, Homeopathic Medicine, organic mouthful of food and parasite cleanse has had it’s impact either positive or negative. I found myself faced … Read More