Just because…

Do you ever wonder what you do or analyze why? So many of our behavioral patterns, our decision making and our values are set to default. I watch patterns emerge in my clinic and in my own life. All of us on autopilot, doing what we have always done JUST BECAUSE… I have been asking myself recently, is that a … Read More

What is essential?

This term has been redefined by us in recent months by powers and people who don’t know who we are or the members of our family. We have been told what matters and what doesn’t and made to conform to politics and power. Reshaping our day to day living, trying to reclaim connection, motivation, momentum and normality is something I … Read More

I had an epiphany!

On my walk this week I had a breakthrough! I can’t believe I hadn’t thought about it before and I hadn’t realized it, often light bulb moments are like this for me. I live my world in similars, I search for the Simillimum, the Homoeopathic Medicine that best matches the symptom and miasmatic totality presenting in my patients. Like cures … Read More

Breaking through limitations…

It seems to me that in every area of my life if I don’t look beyond the surface all I see is limitations. Do this, you’re not allowed to do that, stay away from there…it’s everywhere! Well I hate confinement so I’m redefining my experience by looking for UNLIMITED LIMITATIONS. I’m looking for ways to transform every area of my … Read More