Why we can’t sleep!

Waking refreshed is something I have taken for granted. Why do we have a billion-dollar sleep industry — machines, pillows, mattresses, white noise, sleeping pills, the list goes on and yet we are still not sleeping! Almost every patient in my clinic before taking their Homoeopathic constitutional remedy would wake unrefreshed and feeling exhausted every day. It’s something I speak about a … Read More

Why eat a plant-based diet?

I am not a strict vegan and do not have a particularly strong moral reason to advocate a plant-based diet. My motives are health and longevity based. All-day I speak to patients about the essentials of nutrients and alkalinity in the prevention of chronic and progressive degenerative diseases. It can be really challenging to make changes for the right reasons … Read More

You don’t wake up one day with bowel cancer…

If you’re in my practice or read my stuff you know this is a BIG phrase in my clinic. Why? Because it’s TRUTH! The biggest factor in bowel cancer is diet, lifestyle and miasms (genetic predispositions). Families come to me because they don’t want to be medical statistics! They don’t want to repeat the same medical family history as their … Read More

A Few Thoughts on the End of the School Year

This Summer is going to feel a lot different. Playgrounds, gyms, sports clubs, cinemas, bowling alleys, restaurants and swimming pools are still closed around the country. I am seeing the need for tweens and teenagers to let off steam, have some fun but how can this be achieved with social distancing and wearing face masks? Parents are having to become … Read More