A message to the skeptics…

I was asked about this recently by one of the families in my care. I have been so fortunate that I have not received much criticism or attacks of skepticism in my career. This year is my 18th year in practice and with 7000 patients and counting, I have learned a lot and continue to learn with ongoing postgraduate studies … Read More

Fluid Retention

Fluid retention is a sign of chronic inflammation and can also be related to hormonal health. Many men and women struggle with this round their ankles, legs, abdomen, and the fingers and wrists and just think it’s part of aging. It is NOT. Our bodies speak to us constantly through symptoms and unfortunately, it’s only when symptoms become unbearable that … Read More

Oestrogen Dominance…

Guess what ladies, your period is NOT meant to be painful, you’re not meant to feel uncomfortable and ‘blah’ before or during your period. What is normal? It’s very typical to feel a little bloated, congested and constipated a few days before the bleed. It’s also normal to have some fluid retention and irritability as the bleed starts. Everything else … Read More

Why I don’t want to be needed…

In my line of work there is so much misinformation and people who are driven by money instead of care. Not everyone of course, but many of my patients have had bad experiences before coming into my practice. Many have been struggling on their own trying to get answers. My greatest satisfaction is when I make myself redundant. When I … Read More

The dilemma of choice…

For the A type personality like mine, freedom is the driver of all things yet equally the source of being emotionally crippled… While I HATE being told what to do, everything has to be my idea and I like things just so, I also struggle when it comes to decision making and not having a plan. Presently I find myself … Read More

A day in my clinic — acute cases only

A day in my clinic — acute cases only Many people ask me about the scope of Homeopathy and what it can assist with, I would like to share with you a day in my clinic last week. These were the acute cases that I treated and managed with only Homoeopathic Medicines. * Earache/gluear* Stye* Bloodnose* Injured hamstring* Toothache* Tonsillitis* Tick Bite* … Read More

What feels better?

When you woke this morning what did it feel like? Were you refreshed? Did you have aches and pains, what symptoms consumed your body? What about your mind? Do you have to fight through to get to a place of positivity and be able to get moving, function and start your day? Unfortunately this is a lot of my patients, … Read More

Where we are all called to be…

When I was 24 I travelled to India to undertake a post grad in a Homoeopathic Hospital in Mumbai. I fell in love with India, the colors, the smells, the food, the sounds but most importantly their love and respect for Homoeopathic Medicine. After I completed the study I then went to work in the remote villages of West Bengal … Read More

America Needs to Catch Up

Cycling through the streets of France… I remember cycling with my children through the streets of Grenoble eight years ago in awe of the french mindset towards Homeopathy. It’s not seen as an alternative approach or medicine on the fringe. It is so well respected and applied. Every home has a Homoeopathic Dispensary and the mamas know how to apply … Read More

Embracing Vulnerability and the 3 Step Ritual That Has Saved My Sanity

I’m not good at vulnerability but since this COVID situation I have decided the gloves are off between me and my ego. No more hiding behind the curtain, I feel the need to be authentic now more than ever. My why is greatly linked to the high risk kids and youth that are currently in my practice. My care and … Read More