Grief and Asthma

I feel like there is global grief, a collective consciousness around loss, being taken from and having to bury old ways, thoughts and ideas. I find myself having to let go of old attachments to what was and somehow get my head around a new normal. I was on a webinar with a group of doctors last week, they were … Read More

Waiting is really hard!

In my practice, I ask people to wait for the remedy response. It can be really hard when you have a skin itch, when you feel depressed, when you have pimples and digestive disturbances to be patient. Often it only takes a few days or hours but when you are suffering, every minute seems long! I know! I get impatient … Read More

How to Create the Structure that is Essential for Children Right Now

I really experience restlessness. It’s not necessarily anxiety driven it’s more about productivity. For as long as I can remember weekends have been tough for me. While most other people can’t wait for a lazy start, a sleep in and not having a routine it has always been the hardest two days of the week for me. I have been … Read More