Why we can’t sleep!

Waking refreshed is something I have taken for granted. Why do we have a billion-dollar sleep industry — machines, pillows, mattresses, white noise, sleeping pills, the list goes on and yet we are still not sleeping! Almost every patient in my clinic before taking their Homoeopathic constitutional remedy would wake unrefreshed and feeling exhausted every day. It’s something I speak about a … Read More

The dangers or sugar and alternatives…

I know sugar is bad for me, it can so quickly become a biochemical addiction, from just a small amount. I was so excited when “That Sugar Film” and “The Truth About Sugar” were released, the message about the addiction and biochemical effects of sugar really came to light! I have a lot of conversations in my practice about alternatives … Read More

Are you Getting what you Need? A Mental Health Case

I taught a webinar last night, sharing why we are all so overloaded , why so many women have adrenal fatigue and the treatment and strategies to help “Burnout Syndrome.” One of the questions at the end of the webinar has prompted this post. The discussion was how do we as women tend to our needs and make ourselves a priority. … Read More

America Needs to Catch Up

Cycling through the streets of France… I remember cycling with my children through the streets of Grenoble eight years ago in awe of the french mindset towards Homeopathy. It’s not seen as an alternative approach or medicine on the fringe. It is so well respected and applied. Every home has a Homoeopathic Dispensary and the mamas know how to apply … Read More