Why water fast?

When a deer or kangaroo gets hit by a car they go into the bush/woods and they rest. They don’t travel to the nearest home or hospital to seek help, they don’t eat a big meal, they don’t often even tend to their young, they rest… This principle of REST is one of the primary elements of water fasting. Water … Read More

Mums advise…

Mum has had many wise words for me over the years. But the best one by far was “leopards don’t change their spots.” I have been using the time and the added space with COVID isolation to heal some deep wounds and trauma. I have been unpacking the last few years trying really hard to let go, forgive, and move … Read More

If I’m awake, then I’m going to get up…

If I am awake today and am breathing, I am going to be grateful. If I am awake today I am going to take action. If I am awake today I am going to learn. If I am awake today I am going to get up. By getting up I mean I am going to start doing, stop the talking … Read More

A day in my clinic — acute cases only

A day in my clinic — acute cases only Many people ask me about the scope of Homeopathy and what it can assist with, I would like to share with you a day in my clinic last week. These were the acute cases that I treated and managed with only Homoeopathic Medicines. * Earache/gluear* Stye* Bloodnose* Injured hamstring* Toothache* Tonsillitis* Tick Bite* … Read More

What feels better?

When you woke this morning what did it feel like? Were you refreshed? Did you have aches and pains, what symptoms consumed your body? What about your mind? Do you have to fight through to get to a place of positivity and be able to get moving, function and start your day? Unfortunately this is a lot of my patients, … Read More

When you put yourself first…

This is not a post about the importance of self-love and self-care because I know how important that is and I have tried to do more of this consciously all my adult life. This is a message about necessity… What happens when you stop? Do the dishes get done, does the dog get walked and fed? Do the children have … Read More

Why the word SHOULD is so damaging…

(Inspired by recent conversations with patients) I don’t know what I don’t know. I can’t take action on what I don’t understand, yet I hold myself to often impossible standards. Like anything new, once I learn it I become really excited. I realize I have been living with a blind eye to a certain set of ideals or some information … Read More

When words fail…a remedy is needed

When words fail in my life I have to change my tact, and then change it again and then again until something else works. This has happened to me recently. I found a person in my life really struggled to understand me. The communication had just broken down and honestly I can’t even tell you how except that she and … Read More

The world of those with chronic and illness, I have lived there too!

I get the phone call or the email after every specialist, practitioner and method has already been tried. This doesn’t offend me, I love the challenge and in most cases, I get the results that are needed. For those that live with chronic illness, the daily cycle of fatigue, pain, exhaustion and mental breakdowns is recurrent. The strength to face … Read More