Grief with Diagnosis

I work with families that are in turmoil after receiving a diagnosis for their children. Whether the diagnosis is of illness or autism or various other ailments. What I witness is a process of grief. A process of loss as the family has to let go of the dreams that they once held for their child and begin to reframe … Read More


I never seem to have enough of it. I can even blame others for taking it away from me. I can feel flustered and get carried away, I can get distracted and then I behave as if it has been taken from me. What a delusion? The reality — we all have the same amount, it is finite….we are not immortal. We … Read More

A Few Thoughts on the End of the School Year

This Summer is going to feel a lot different. Playgrounds, gyms, sports clubs, cinemas, bowling alleys, restaurants and swimming pools are still closed around the country. I am seeing the need for tweens and teenagers to let off steam, have some fun but how can this be achieved with social distancing and wearing face masks? Parents are having to become … Read More

America Needs to Catch Up

Cycling through the streets of France… I remember cycling with my children through the streets of Grenoble eight years ago in awe of the french mindset towards Homeopathy. It’s not seen as an alternative approach or medicine on the fringe. It is so well respected and applied. Every home has a Homoeopathic Dispensary and the mamas know how to apply … Read More

How to Create the Structure that is Essential for Children Right Now

I really experience restlessness. It’s not necessarily anxiety driven it’s more about productivity. For as long as I can remember weekends have been tough for me. While most other people can’t wait for a lazy start, a sleep in and not having a routine it has always been the hardest two days of the week for me. I have been … Read More

Claiming Your Birthright to be Well

I can feel and see the tides turning — a new trend for the health industry… I have been so encouraged by the number of people who have shown a greater interest to understand how Homeopathic Medicine works since the beginning of this epidemic. Articles, evidence and research about Homoeopathic Medicine being published on mainstream platforms. People sharing publically what they are … Read More