When you lose your power you get sick…

When I was attacked in January 2019 my health completely crashed, in fact every area of my life felt like it crashed down around me as I didn’t have the health or strength to maintain or nourish any of it. I lost all power in my life… I see this is the pattern with my patients too. I don’t know … Read More

The world of those with chronic and illness, I have lived there too!

I get the phone call or the email after every specialist, practitioner and method has already been tried. This doesn’t offend me, I love the challenge and in most cases, I get the results that are needed. For those that live with chronic illness, the daily cycle of fatigue, pain, exhaustion and mental breakdowns is recurrent. The strength to face … Read More

Calcification — the silent disease that is killing you slowly

Although calcification is not considered a disease in its own right, calcification is the hardening of body tissues by calcium salts or deposits. These deposits are the result of toxicity that is coming from our food, water and the chemicals in our personal products, home and environment. I have been in private practice 17 years, however in the last 12 … Read More