Grief with Diagnosis

I work with families that are in turmoil after receiving a diagnosis for their children. Whether the diagnosis is of illness or autism or various other ailments. What I witness is a process of grief. A process of loss as the family has to let go of the dreams that they once held for their child and begin to reframe … Read More

What is essential?

This term has been redefined by us in recent months by powers and people who don’t know who we are or the members of our family. We have been told what matters and what doesn’t and made to conform to politics and power. Reshaping our day to day living, trying to reclaim connection, motivation, momentum and normality is something I … Read More

How to Create the Structure that is Essential for Children Right Now

I really experience restlessness. It’s not necessarily anxiety driven it’s more about productivity. For as long as I can remember weekends have been tough for me. While most other people can’t wait for a lazy start, a sleep in and not having a routine it has always been the hardest two days of the week for me. I have been … Read More