Stomach Pain

One of the most common presentations in my practice.
The cause can be as simple as colic in infants, indigestion, gas, or period pain. Most commonly it in systemic inflammation but in severe and prolonged episodes food sensitivities and intolerances are often the culprit.
Thermal imaging is particulate efficient in diagnosing systemic and localized inflammation.
These are the remedies to have on hand. Dose in 30c potency every 7 minutes dry dose in acute and severe situations or 1-2 hourly for lingering and niggling pain. Of course, use common sense and reach out for emergency medical assistance when necessary.
❌Mag Phos – colicky pain that is better from warmth or pressure. The typical better with a heat pack or hot water bottle.
❌Dioscorea – abdominal pain that feels better from bending backwards. Pain often comes in waves or spasms with wind, constipation and burping.
❌Colocynthis – ramping and cutting pains where the person bends over double. Hard constant pressure on the belly often brings relief.
❌Nux Vomica – colicky pains from overindulgence of food, alcohol and other substances. The stomach feels tight and painful making breathing difficult.