Starting Menstruation Gracefully –

For the girls…
Starting your period can be daunting and can be a physical and emotional rollercoaster.
As the hormones start to cycle they are often up and down with mood, energy levels, acne and most importantly motivation and hunger for life. They do not need to suffer through this and there is so much relief that Homeopathic Medicine can give within even a few hours!
The girls in my care have remedies to support this transition so it is gentle for them physically and emotionally. Here are some of the medicines I reach for –
🌀Pulsatilla – for when there is teariness, they are clingy and there is great fear and apprehension about life and what is happening. They can feel ‘crazy’ as the estrogen builds up in their biochemistry and can really feel extreme highs and lows.
🌀Sepia – for the girls who have deep emotions and despair but can’t express themselves. They shut down and struggle to articulate what they think and feel and this often leads to meltdowns and self isolation.
🌀Phosphorus – such an important remedy for the flow of the first few cycles so they don’t suffer with embarrassment, pain and fear from heavy flooding periods. (I recommend the correct miasmatic medicine and phosphorus be taken together intercurrently to manage the flow for the first 6 cycles – this is a game changer for these girls!)
🌀Nux Vomica – for aggression, frustration and short temperedness which comes from little things. They are often feeling out of control of their emotions and don’t know they are being so irritable and obnoxious.
For dosage seek out the guidance of an experienced clinician.