Sleep Troubles –

Perhaps the most underrated and most essential part of healing and good emotional/mental health.
Sleep rests the brain, integrates the nervous system, gives you digestive and reproductive health a chance to do its thing…it’s essential.
I speak to so many patients every month who are caught in cycles of stress, overwhelm, anxiety, and poor liver and gallbladder health that all affect their sleep in detrimental ways.
Practice healthy limits with screen time, hydration, and try to avoid having complex carbs, caffeine, and heavy starches after 2pm.
Here are the remedies I reach for –
❌Nux Vomica – This remedy is a powerful liver medicine. It helps turn off the brain at night enabling sleep as well as soothing the liver and gallbladder to prevent frequent urination and digestive upsets such as heartburn, pain, and flatulence over night.
❌Arsenicum Album – a remedy for the A-type personality where they are wired, worried, and overthink the day and cannot settle.
Phosphorus – for the light sleepers and those who have vivid dreams, fears, anxious thoughts, and who are afraid of the dark, thunderstorms, and dogs.
❌Coffee Crud – the remedy for the intense and long-term insomniacs who pace the floors, are restless, and have tried almost everything to get some peace!
I like to prescribe these in 30c potency – take every 30 minutes before bed from 6pm to settle the nervous system and start the wind down for the evening Reach for good sleep and mindfulness practices alongside the medicines.
If you are woken in the middle of the night return to dosing every 10 minutes until you settle into sleep once more. Be patient, adjusting sleep cycles and poor sleep habits can take a month or two.