Sleep Disorders –

Sleep disorders are a big part of my practice. I treat narcolepsy, insomnia, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, REM sleep behavior disorder, nightmares, night terrors, sleep walking, eating, talking and sleep trauma.

Believe it or not a third of adults suffer with one of the sleep disorders listed above.

The second and third miasms in Homeopathic Medicine greatly improve and in most cases completely resolve these conditions. Miasmatic, constitutional and also phasal medicinal care brings wonderful results.

Here are the medicines I reach for –

❌Tuberculinum – when there are sleep disturbances with disorientation, sleep talking, walking and even eating in the sleep. Night terrors and frequent vivid dreams.

❌Coffee – for chronic and intermittent situational insomnia and when there are sleep disorders as a result of drug abuse and/or immunization injury.

❌Mag Carb – for people who suffering with sleep disorders that include a lot of fear and digestive issues accompany the discomfort.

❌Cypripedium – when the nervous system depletion and adrenal diathesis is the causation of sleep disturbances and sleep diagnosis. These patients suffer with a great deal of negative thoughts and their ideas and plans for the future bring about overwhelm and despair.

❌Arsenicum Album – when the body cannot rest because the mind cannot stop with racing thoughts. The person feels great overwhelm dread and fear about their health, their future and has many worries.

❌Phosphorus – useful for chronic sleep disorders that now have become habitual and impact their ability to think clearly even in the day. They feel ungrounded, as if they are split in two, they cannot concentrate and they have great detachment from their environment.

Many of my patients experience complete resolution of their sleep disorder and are able to step out of their reliance on sleep pills and aid such as valerian and melatonin.

Homeopathic Medicine offers great change when administered correctly by an experienced clinician.