Sinus infections, you don’t always need antibiotics –

Lots of these in my practice this week. The change of weather in the northern and southern hemisphere is most commonly the culprit as well as being run down and exhausted.

Antibiotics are definitely one option but so are these remedies. I use these remedies in 6c potency every 15 minutes until the mucus begins to breakdown and not be as thick and congested, then reduce the dosage to every 30 minutes until the patient is completely well.

❌Silica – useful when the patient is sensitive, chilly and has thick nasal discharge that get clogs up the sinus and forms into hard crusts. Becoming warm really helps and the headache is mostly on the right hand side.

❌Pulsatilla – when the patient wants a lot of consolation and attention and the discharge is thick yellow and green. There is a headache above the eyes and the person feels better when outside in open air or when there is air circulating around the room.

❌Merc Sol – when the discharge is green and offensive and there are sores on the mucus membranes – in the nose and mouth. There is offensive smell of the breath and the mucus. There is heat on the head and a pressure headache.

❌Nat Mur – useful when the discharge is profuse and it is white and looks like egg whites. There is great pressure in the head and there is copies discharge and sneezing.